Tuesday, June 23, 2015


You could call it whatever you like, you could think of it whatever you want, but key to those names and thoughts that spring through your mind should be “FAMILY FUN” because indeed the event was fun.

Together with invited guests, On the 21st of September which by the way was Fathers’ day in Uganda , Makerere full Gospel church congregants assembled at the Makerere University Main sports grounds for a whole day of fun activities all in the name of celebrating families within the church. To begin with, you might wonder what family fun in a church is all about. As a church, Makerere Full gospel embraces a culture where members of the church frequently gather to share and learn from each other spiritually, socially, academically and many more other life spheres, each and every one of these gatherings are titled a cell, and these cells are identified by zones or locations in and around Kampala (Uganda’s capital). Unique to these cells, is that members bond and grow together as a whole erupting this special thing called family, perhaps that introduction has given you an insight of what we call family.

As the sun rose on the day, people arrived at the venue full of excitement all geared up in colorful casual and sports attire, the T-shirts and tops were blended with shorts, tours, jeans, track suits and lots of those that I probably set my eyes on for the first time ever.

Personally, it was until 10:00a.m that I landed on the scene and found our Chief Pastor holding an introductory session. It was then that Pastor introduced different leads and pastors of the different full gospel churches all across the nation. Important about his talk was, he echoed that, over the years the church has not just birthed but has nurtured several church planters, pastors and mighty men and women of God all across the country.

Shortly after, Pastor humbled every male attendee with a sermon that challenged them to respect, value and hold in high regard their wives or wives to be, Oh this struck the husbands and Fathers’ in the congregation. As for the single one’s, It was surely a wakeup call, because they learnt that somewhere in wonderland, there’s a female specie that God designed to be a good fit for every man and therefore they shouldn’t hunt for spouses through agencies or the internet. You should have seen the ladies get blown away in laughter.

Right after that, the M.C took over, for a while a group of comedians rocked the show with a skit, the church’s’ youth ministry also took to the stage their voices and dance moves, and like they always do, they gave their all, they sang, danced, shook and jumped. Surely if you ever need A-class entertainment on a Sunday, don’t hesitate to catch up with the Youth Sunday at Makerere Full Gospel Church, and I mean it.

Dan and Hawa (family)
Surely as the clock kept ticking, people’s tummies were on for it, so lunch break picked on, We all routed into our families to enjoy a feast. My corner probably had the tastiest of all, we  had an Asian dish courtesy of our very own Cell host. It was just yummy. 
Just in case you think it wasn’t fun as you read along, hold your thought right there because, who brings police dogs to an event, but guess what, they were part of us on the day, and they didn’t show up to harm us, Not at all, they showed up to give us more and more fun, I loved this, Free dog entertainment we were in for. For 30 minutes we were watching how amazing these creatures can be, they would act according to the commands their instructor would shout out. If only I had a clip, you would go like, damn, why the hell didn’t you send me an invite.
banana peelers in action
Finally, the long awaited competitions took center stage, the different zones that harbor the different spiritual families (cells) were to compete with one another. On ground we had the mighty Makindye where I originate and our rivals included zones and sub zones of Nakawa, Central, Kawempe and Rubaga zones. Straight up the first item on the agenda was busuuti wearing. Busuuti also locally called gomesi is the traditional cloth for women in the central region of Uganda which is occupied by Buganda the most popular tribe in the country. I watched women hurriedly wrap and tie themselves up with this cloth as though they were in war. This was then followed by Banana peeling, grown men fumbled and hustled to peel banana’s, it just got more and more interesting at this point.
Tag of war came around, sadly I was part of the losing side on this one, even after I walked out of the my comfort zone and went on to the ground to be a team player, my energy wasn’t good enough to resist the bulls of Nakawa zone.
Alas that was it for me, much as I was grilling to stick around because a few more items like penalty shoot outs and water races were yet to be done, I had had enough fun. I gave my pals high fives and signed out after having my fair share of the blast.

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