Friday, January 9, 2015

Mozilla Uganda Community took innovation to Institutions in Kampala

In the effort to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web, The last quarter of 2014 saw the Mozilla Uganda team spearhead a campaign to promote openness on the web. Being part of this team, It was such an exciting project and all i could say was, "it was great".

Some of the top institutions in the country were at the center of it all, this included Our very own traditional Kyambogo University, Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Ndejje University and quite a number of other institutions.

The challenge the team had was to introduce, train and demonstrate to the youthful audience a powerful set of technology tools developed by the Mozilla Foundation. These are the Webmaker tools. Utilizing short, precise and direct agenda's made the task at hand much more easier for us.

We gave talks about technology, demonstrated the tools, trained the students on how to use the tools then dived into practical sessions were, In small groups, students came up with a variety of web content like apps and web pages. Some of the apps were a chatroom which was chat application .

On behalf of the technology enthusiasts fraternity, we as Mozilla Uganda community want to shout out to not just fellow technologists, but urge the professionals, organisations and individuals in all sectors to join hands and contribute towards improving the technology infrastructure, as we all realize that day by day the significance of technology in our daily lives is becoming more and more apparent.

The entire article can be found here and photos

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