Monday, May 11, 2015

One more touch

Mark 8:22-26,


The book of Mark, shows us how the blind man that Jesus met in Bethesida needed an extra touch for his vision to be completely restored. After Jesus had spat on his eye's, he looked up and said "I see men like trees, walking" which was simply an indication to Jesus, that he had to touch the man again for him to completely HEAL.

Some times, there are segments of our lives that lack a blessing, The Lord could have moved us from point A to point B, but we feel we are supposed to be at point F. We ought to ask the Lord for just that EXTRA TOUCH for total healing or complete intervention of his blessing in those segments, therefore Let's ask the Lord for ONE MORE TOUCH in everything for our respective shortages or points of need, health, careers, confusion, provision, marriages, hopelessness, family Bond-ages, friendships, relationships name it. He'll surely restore it completely like he did for the Blind man.

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