Thursday, May 7, 2015


At around 11:00 am on 1st May 2015, A group of people that constituted mozillians and other random people gathered for a 3 hour session of the stumbling in a box event that was held in Makerere University Kampala Uganda.

Like anyone does, I welcomed all the participants and thanked them for honoring my invite. As part of our culture (mozillians), I led the customary intro about Mozilla, Talked about Mozilla as an NGO, the products, the contributors and the activities/projects it runs, and obviously not leaving behind our very own Community in the country (Mozilla Uganda Communty). Narrated the activities that the Community runs within the country, how it operates, the values and responsibilities of the representatives’ within the country and as well the achievements.

Straight after freshening everyone up as far as what Mozilla is all about, We dived into the business of the day. Why we were all gathered. I geared into the core purpose of the gathering i.e. Stumbling Oriented everyone about the Mozilla location Services. Having chosen the most ideal way for us to contribute to the service, STUMBLING session took center stage. 

During this session, I demoed the Mozilla stumbler application, for the readers out there interested in finding out about the app, you can get it onto your smart phone here. After which, I asked all the participants to download the application onto their phones.


Particpants downloading the Mozilla Stumbler

Shortly after every one was up to speed with the application, In groups of four, At about 12:30, we rolled out to the streets to stumble, each group took their own direction, we stumbled for about 2 hours, at about 2:30, we were all back to the venue.

Stumbler's in action within Makerere University Kampala.

At around 2:30p.m, we gathered to sum up our afternoon, As people uploaded the gathered wifi and cell reports on the stumbler, they took bites, drinks and interacted. And of course, for the inquisitive participants, we dialed into debates and conversations of why exactly would i have the mozilla stumbler installed on my phone. By 3 p.m, My throat had run out ....hahahaha...., .The bye's and "we meet again's" followed as people departed from the venue. 

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